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Yelapa, Jalisco

*Yelapa is only accessible by water taxi. Visit the Water Taxi Transportation page to find the next taxi to Yelapa.

A boat takes you across the gentle waters of the bay to a smaller bay. A small town that time has almost forgotten. Where cars don’t exist and the pace of life is slow. You know you have just found paradise. You found… Yelapa.

Yelapa holds many secrets. You walk up the narrow cobble streets to a warm waterfall that comes off the Sierra Madre mountains into a shallow pool. ┬áDining consists of spending the afternoon at an oceanfront cafe. In the mornings the only sounds you hear are that of the animals stirring in the forest, while you practice yoga. It’s in that moment that you realize this is the most relaxed you have ever been.

Yelapa also offers many beach clubs. You can sit at any of the clubs along the beach all day, while you sip cerveza. Don’t expect to get mauled by too many vendors. These beaches are calm and tranquil.

Because there is so little human interaction, it is far more likely that you will see wildlife. Birds, geckos, iguanas,crabs, all of these animals are in far greater numbers.

There is a river that flows into the small bay. The interesting thing about the river is that it appears to just stop at a sand bar that is the beach.

Even though you may feel like you’re on your own private island, Yelapa still has phone service and internet, keeping you in touch with the rest of the world. That is, if you choose to stay in touch.

This is Yelapa!

PVT Tip: Take the Route 1 City Bus to Boca de Tomatlan and catch the water taxi from there.

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