Sayulita, Nayarit

Floating in the middle of the ocean on a board. You are waiting for the perfect wave. A quaint surf town similar to what you would think of when you think about Hawaii. Sayulita has dirt streets, small beach bars and restaurants that are open air, and people ready to catch the next big one.

You’ll find locals and tourists alike floating in the water ready for that wave. The kids out surfing in the water are especially fun to watch. Because they weigh less than adults they can catch just about every wave that is thrown their way.

You will likely have to pay to sit at a beach front resort with chairs. Sitting on the beach with your own chair or towel is always free though. While the vendors are not nearly as plentiful as in the major resort towns, there are still plenty wandering around, ready to sell you Camarones or pescado on a stick. The perfect beach snack.

Getting to Sayulita is easy. There are several ways to get there.

1. Take an ATM bus from Walmart in Puerto Vallarta (see Puerto Vallarta Bus Routes).

2. Take a taxi all the way there (see Puerto Vallarta Taxi Zones Map).

3 Take a water taxi (see Puerto Vallarta Water Taxis).

4. Rent a car for the day.

If you didn’t bring your own surf board or you forgot yours, that’s no problem. There are several places right on the beach that will rent you a surf board by the hour or by the day. If you think you will be in the water all day, it is best to just rent it for the day.

PVT Tip: Some surf board rental companies will let you rent by the hour, and if you reach their day rental minimum number of hours, then they will rent you the board

Below is a  five day, continuously updated surf forecast of the water conditions in Sayulita. This can help you plan your next day trip to your favorite surf destination in the Bahia de Banderas region.


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