Puerto Vallarta Taxi Zone Map


Puerto Vallarta Taxi Zone Map

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NOTE: These guidelines apply to the taxis that transport you around town.  Airport taxi rates and Nuevo Vallarta taxis may be slightly higher due to taxes and fees that the authorities charge.  Next to owning or renting your own car in Puerto Vallarta, Taxis are the easiest way to get around town. Taxis are not metered in Puerto Vallarta, instead they charge by zone. Using the Puerto Vallarta taxi zone map above, click on a taxi zone or location for more information. The taxi zones are rough outlines, please verify with your driver the exact location and rate. Taxis can take you as far south as Boca de Tomatlán and as far north as Sayulita.

There are two types of taxis in Puerto Vallarta. The first type is a regular taxi cab (Yellow with a white roof). These taxis start at $40 MXN and can hold up to four passengers. The second type is a taxi van or large SUV. These vans can hold up to eight passengers, but usually cost twice as much as a regular taxi cab. When you’re traveling in a large group, remember that it can sometimes be faster to take two separate cabs than it can be to wait for a large van.

Some sample rates: Airport to Hotel Zone $100 MXN; WalMart to Malecon $70 MXN; Hotel Zone to Old Town $80 MXN; Old Town to Airport $120 MXN

To avoid any confusion in price, remember to ask the driver how much it costs to go to your desired destination. Taxi drivers prefer to be paid in Mexican Pesos. Try to avoid paying in large bills or paying with other currencies if possible – if a taxi driver doesn’t have change, he will expect to be paid even if it means you unintentionally give him a very large tip!. Tipping is not required, but if a taxi driver goes above and beyond, such as carrying your groceries to your door, then it is recommended.

There are many taxi companies in Puerto Vallarta. All of these companies use the same Puerto Vallarta taxi zone map to charge for their services. Visit the Taxi Business Directory page for more information on these companies.

*Taxi rates, locations, and the taxi zones map are subject to change without notice.

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