Puerto Vallarta Bus Routes

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Puerto Vallarta Bus Routes

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Getting around Puerto Vallarta is very easy. Using public transportation is simple and very affordable, with rates starting at $7.50 MXN (around Vallarta proper). You can find Puerto Vallarta bus routes as far south as Boca de Tomatlan ($8.00 MXN from Zona Romantica) and as far north as Sayulita $30.00 MXN from WalMart). Click on a bus stop or line for more information about that route. Buses run early in the morning to late at night making it easy to catch a bus at any time of day. Don’t be afraid to hop on a bus and see where it takes you – even a trip to and from the airport starts at only $7.50 MXN!).

It is not customary to tip a bus driver; however, you can tip a driver if you don’t know the exact location you are going to and ask the driver to alert you to your stop. In this case the driver will stop and tell you that you have arrived.  And no, you will not find any chickens or goats on these buses – but an occasional singer, musician, or poet might entertain you.  If you enjoy the show, tip them a peso or two…if you didn’t enjoy it, don’t feel obligated.

Also check out the El Tuito/Botanical Gardens route – which picks up at the corner of Venustiano Carranza and Aguacate in Old Town.  The cost is $22.00 MXN to the Botanical Gardens and slightly more to El Tuito.

The easiest way to determine where a bus is going is to look for names of major stops in the front left window. Bus stops are painted on the window and have destinations for stores like Wal-Mart or neighborhoods like Ixtapa. Hopping on a bus is as simple as flagging down the driver when he approaches your stop.

All bus tickets are one way.  There are no transfers on Puerto Vallarta bus routes. Make sure that when you pay for your bus fare, you get a ticket. This ticket is used for the occasional check by a bus attendant and is your insurance policy in the event of an accident or injury while riding.  The bus attendant may get on the bus and check every passenger’s ticket to make sure they have paid. This is not true for the Orange and white TUM Puerto Vallarta bus routes (South to Boca de Tomatlan). They do not issue a ticket.

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