Puerto Vallarta Tipping

Puerto Vallarta Tipping Rate Chart

Knowing who to tip or how much to tip them can be a little confusing. Use this chart to help you identify all the right people and how much gratuity you should give them for their service. You will find that most of the people you would tip at home still receive tips down here. There are some people in Mexico that should be tipped, who are not typically given gratuities in the United States or Canada. People like grocery store baggers are not paid a salary, instead they rely solely on the tips they make from bagging your groceries. Baggers are generally kids and elderly people.

Some other exceptions: Taxi drivers. Unlike in other areas of the world, tipping is not seen as socially compulsory in Puerto Vallarta. The drivers that power the citys network of taxis are associated with a union that negotiates wages and fares that keep up with typical living expenses for a local resident. This is the reason these taxis use standard fares instead of relying on a meter, and so the base fare (which should always be confirmed before the ride begins) is usually sufficient compensation for the services rendered.

However, it is acceptable to leave a small tip worth approximately 20 percent, or two gratuity pesos for every 10 pesos of fare, if a driver provides services that go above and beyond his basic duties such as helping carry heavy packages to your door. Passengers who request that their drivers stop at an intermediate location before their final destination should also tip their drivers a modest amount, and it is common practice to ask if a driver would like a snack or beverage if the stop is a convenience store. 

Servers at all inclusive resorts:All-inclusive resorts often employ roving servers who constantly deliver food and beverages to guests, and although these amenities and more are included in the price of accommodations, gratuity for the individual workers is not. For this reason, courteous travelers should be prepared to offer a few pesos for every round of service. This amount can depend on the quality and consistency of the services rendered, but it should be noted that a tip or two can have a surprising effect on the overall service experience. 


Baggage HandlersPuerto Vallarta Tipping10-20 Pesos per bag 
Barbers/StylistsPuerto Vallarta Tipping15%+Unless they are the shop owner.
Bar TendersPuerto Vallarta Tipping15-20% Unless they are horrible 
Cocktail ServersPuerto Vallarta Tipping15-20% Unless they are horrible 
Delivery ServicesPuerto Vallarta Tipping20-50 Pesos 
Fishing GuidesPuerto Vallarta Tipping15%+Tips should be handed to the Captain.
Gas Station AttendantsPuerto Vallarta Gratuities Unless they go above and beyond.
Grocery BaggersPuerto Vallarta Tipping5-20 Pesos10 pesos if they take your cart to your car.
HousekeepersPuerto Vallarta Tipping20-50 Pesos depending on length of your stay and quality of service 
Market VendorsPuerto Vallarta Gratuities  
MusiciansPuerto Vallarta TippingMost musicians work for tips onlyTip heavily if you request a song.
Spa ServicesPuerto Vallarta Tipping15%+unless services are done by a doctor.
Street Food VendorsPuerto Vallarta Gratuities Unless they go above and beyond.
Taxi DriversPuerto Vallarta Gratuities Unless they go above and beyond.
Tour GuidesPuerto Vallarta Tipping50 Pesos 
Valet ParkingPuerto Vallarta Tipping5-10 Pesos 
Waiters/WaitressesPuerto Vallarta Tipping10%-20% 

PVT Tip: Foreign coins have no value in Mexico.

*Tipping and the rates associated with gratuities are at your discretion. This guide is not meant as a strict standard.



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Daily review

Tony Kwok
Tony Kwok

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I'm hoping we just went on an off night as our experience was not as good as most other reviews. Burnt and cold food, slow service, stale burger buns and one meal that had to be sent back twice but was great on the third try.

It will be quite a while before we try this one again.

EDIT: Total redemption. We took up the owner's offer and went back to give them another try as other friends reported back that the food was excellent. On this return visit, the meals were all cooked to perfection and extremely tasty. The meat was cooked as ordered. The fries were fresh and hot. The chocolate cake actually tasted like really good rich chocolate (if you have had chocolate in Mexico, you know what I mean). We tried the stuffed baked potatoes and were blown away by how good they were. We will definitely be back to see if we just hit one bad night or if they are inconsistent. That being said, I can definitely recommend you give this restaurant a try as last night's meal was probably the best meal I have had in Bucerias in the past decade that I have been coming here.

mark boudreau
mark boudreau

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Another magnificent meal with great service. Very good value.

lisa kerth-zittel
lisa kerth-zittel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Delicious! Great service! One of out favorite restaurants around. Excellent, plus the just stopped iding straws - I love that!