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As always, when using an ATM, exercise caution. Do not forget to take your credit/debit card out of the machine when you are finished with your transaction. Place your money in your wallet or purse before exiting the ATM room.

Some important things to consider: Always check to see what the ATM fee is going to be before proceeding with the transaction. Most machines will tell you what the fee is and give you the option to proceed or cancel the transaction. Fee’s vary greatly, we’ve noticed that the big bank machines will give the lowest rates and the “no-name” machines will have some of the highest rates. Some ATM’s are USD machines, we do not recommend using these as you don’t know what exchange rate they are using and what do you need USD for anyway?

There are two schools of thought regarding how much cash to pull out one is to pull out only as much as you will need, the other is to pull out the max allowed. The max varies from machine to machine, but the big banks have larger maximums usually 5000 or 6000 pesos. The latter method will mean you are carrying more cash with you but paying less in fees.

It is best to pay for things with Pesos. Shops and restaurants will give you their exchange rate if you pay in Dollars. This exchange rate is usually much worse than a bank exchange rate.

PVT Tip: Businesses cannot accept more than $100 USD per transaction legally.

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