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About pvtourist.com About pvtourist.com

You won’t find another website as helpful and exciting for Puerto Vallarta locals and visitors as pvtourist.com. The only full-service hub of information about people, places, businesses, organizations and happenings in every neighborhood and region of Bahia de Banderas. We even offer local up-to-the-minute weather!

pvtourist.com is chock full of facts, listings, announcements, news, activities and easy interactive apps that bring the community to you and let you bring what’s important or fun to the community. No matter if you live here or are just on vacation, the deeper you explore, the more you’ll discover to enrich your vacation or living experience. We’ll help you get connected to the people, places and events that interest you.

Have an idea that would make the site even more useful? We’re listening! Send us your suggestions, questions and comments now.

About pvtourist.com About pvtourist.com – What You Can Do Here

pvtourist.com is a bustling online community where the content is contributed by the people, businesses and organizations here in Banderas Bay. (If you own a business or belong to an organization, learn how to upgrade your listing, advertise on pvtourist.com and link from pvtourist to your own website.)

Here’s a sampling of what you can do on pvtourist.com:

  • Find addresses, phone numbers (and more) for businesses you want to visit.
  • Read or submit news briefs or announcements about happenings in your neighborhood, school, organization or church and add them to pvtourist.com’s events calendar.
  • Join discussions in pvtourist.com’s forums to connect, share and learn. There are forums for moms, shoppers, fishermen, restaurant goers, sports enthusiasts, dieters, schools, and many more (must register on pvtourist to participate).
  • Submit photos of happenings or fun or interesting sightings somewhere in Banderas Bay.

About pvtourist.com About pvtourist.com – Why You Should Register

There’s plenty you can do on pvtourist.com without registering. But registering is easy and free. It unlocks all areas of the site, creates your own account page on pvtourist.com and gives you special privileges. For example; registered users can participate on pvtourist.com’s many user forums, and receive other privileges, like creating blogs and more.

Registering creates your own account page on pvtourist.com which you can access from the “My Account” link at the top right of pvtourist.com’s homepage.

Register now!

About pvtourist.com About pvtourist.com – Privacy On pvtourist.com

Your privacy is important to us. Our registered account servers are secure, and we will never share your personal information with anyone or any entity outside of pvtourist.com. However, there are areas  where you may publish or make available your name, contact information and other personal details as you choose. This is your responsibility, and we trust you will use the care you use at other social sharing sites on the Internet. When you register, you agree to certain terms of use which include the non-liability of pvtourist.com for harmful or undesired consequences arising from your own self-published information made view-able to the public. We consider negative consequences to be very rare and believe your use of pvtourist.com will result in useful and enjoyable outcomes.

 About pvtourist.com – Also see: eldoradoguide.com

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