About pvtourist.com

PVTOURIST.COM was started by a couple (R&E) who love the area and love Mexico. When we picked up the site recently (2018) we (C&N) saw how much time and attention went into building this site to help show the site visitor all that the Bay of Banderas and all its towns and villages have to offer. We hope to expand on their vision and add our own. Most importantly we invite you, the visitor to our site to add your own thoughts, opinions, photographs, and videos. As we collect more stories and information from visitors, so the site becomes more of a resource for all.  We are currently working on rebuilding the business directory which will contain over 5000 local listings. If you are a local business owner, feel free to contact us, we would love to help promote your business.

Of course, we do live here year round so if there is anything specific that you would like to ask, please send us an email. We know you may have questions about where to stay, what kind of accommodations are the best for your needs, what to do for fun and where to eat. We can help with all those things. We are also real estate professionals, so when it is time to invest in an income property or put down some roots, we can help.

Have an idea that would make the site even more useful? We’re listening! Send us your suggestions, questions, and comments now.

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Your privacy is important to us. Our registered account servers are secure, and we will never share your personal information with anyone or any entity outside of pvtourist.com. However, there are areas  where you may publish or make available your name, contact information and other personal details as you choose. This is your responsibility, and we trust you will use the care you use at other social sharing sites on the Internet. When you register, you agree to certain terms of use which include the non-liability of pvtourist.com for harmful or undesired consequences arising from your own self-published information made view-able to the public. We consider negative consequences to be very rare and believe your use of pvtourist.com will result in useful and enjoyable outcomes.